Friday, January 7, 2011

As The Morning Wind Blows

     All night I stayed awake, fearful for my life, I couldn't sleep. As the sun rose I decide to get ready to leave this hole. I looked around and notice what was around me. These monsters, as many as there was, were walking all around. Where did they come from? How did they get here? I decided to wait till the sun was higher to make a run for it. As the sun fully came out from the horizon I started to hear loud moans. I looked and saw that these monsters were all ablaze! I thought to myself "Do they hate light? They did appear at night, I didn't see them at all during the day". It took only a few minutes before the majority of them fell to the floor in a pile of burning ash. I saw leaves rustling and then this wind came and blew all the ashes away. Talk about a lucky breeze.
     When I felt it was safe I crawled out from my hole. I decide to go explore and see what was around, maybe I can find a village or something out here. I walked off the peninsula and climbed the small hill ahead of me. As I looked over I noticed the peninsula was actually part of an island. I had a plan now, make my way and find the mainland where I will surely find a town. I knew I couldn't just start heading out with out any form of tools. What  if I need to climb something or if I need to get past a large lake? I need to think of something. As I looked around hunger started to set in. I wondered what I will eat? I walked up to different tress but noticed that none of them had fruits. I climbed back to the top of the hill and noticed a herd of pigs. "What? Where did they come from? Is there a farm around here?". No, there couldn't be, I can see all the sides of the island and no buildings anywhere. I picked up a large rock and walked carefully towards the herd. As I got closer I noticed that one of the pigs was walking slower than the rest. I aimed carefully and threw the rock as hard as I could. WHAM! It his the pig on its side. They all scattered and the hurt pigs started stumbling around, I looked like it was in pain. I ran towards it and kicked it in its head. I know, it's inhumane, but I am hungry and have nothing else. I took the same large rock and smashed its head. Blood started pouring out, I threw up.
     The sun was right above me, it was burning my head. I walked towards a small, young tree and decided to make basic tools out of the wood. I was thin enough for me to use my weight to topple it. I grabbed on to it and pushed. I kicked at it and punch, slowly it started to uproot. I took several steps back and then charged and jumped at the tree. I came crashing down along with it. I pulled of as many branches as I could so I can carry the tree around. I looked around and saw a boulder that had a point to it. I held the tree on it and pushed down, it split. I took some time and thinking but I managed to make an axe and a shovel. Not sturdy, but it will get some of the job done. I took a deep breath and use the axe to cut the pig. Now that I had several slices of bacon, it was time to make a fire. I took a piece of bark and got some bad news. The bark was to moist to start a fire, in fact, everything had too much moisture. Great, time to eat raw meat. It was getting closer to sunset so I made my way to the shoreline. I looked and saw what I think is the main land. I was taking a chance, but anything was better than being stranded on an island. I folded up my clothes, put them, my tools and food and a piece of bark that could float and jumped into the water. The shore wasn't that far from the island so I easily swam to land. The sun was already down when I made it to shore. It was time for me to make a shelter again. I took out my shovel and dug into the sand, worthless. I walked to some dirt and dug quickly. I had dug another hole, another possible grave for myself. I had to find a safe place or make one. I was tired, wanted to stay up...but...I...too...zzzzzz