Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ahhh yes, the phenomenon that is slowly creeping its way up in the ranks of video game.... stuff. Minecraft is one of those games that you look at and say " Why would I play this piece of dung?". Well, at least that is what I said. Then I went to the website just to be curious what it was about and I couldn't turn away ever since. For a pixelated  pile of colors, it has this eye candy thing to it. You play as a person in a randomly generated world map, who in my game and imagination, is stranded in this world by himself struggling to survive. You start out with nothing and you have to build shelter to survive the creature who inhabit the darkness of night. Once you learn how to build the items you need, the game become fairly easy to play. What makes this game fun is the sand-box theme of it. You can do anything you want. You can dig a hole for no reason, build a house underground, a top a tree, floating in mid-air. Walk one direction for as long as you want just for the hell of it, and in this game, there is no end in sight. The game continues to generate the world around for as long as you have enough disk space available. Keep in check for more updates to this blog entry

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