Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is a nightmare

     I awoke to a noise, I looked around and couldn't figure out were it came from. I got up and walked around, I noticed it was evening already and the sun was barely visible over the horizon. It was very dark and I had no source of light. I was sitting near the end of the peninsula and decide to walk towards the mainland. As I walked closer I heard that strange sound again. It was very odd, nothing like you hear in nature. At first it thought it might have been the wind or maybe an animal walking around, but I noticed I was alone. I continued walking and I heard it again, this time it sounded more closer and like a grunt of some sort. I started to get nervous, and I was getting sweaty.

     I got off the peninsula and I heard it again. It sounded like it was behind me. I turned around a saw a figure in the distance. I tried to see what it was but all I could see was a silhouette, the sun was gone and the only light came from the moon. As my eyes adjusted I could tell it was a human shaped figure. I felt relieved, I started walking towards it, but It just stood still. As a grew nearer, I smelled this awful stench, the smell of rotten meat... It smelled like death. When I got close enough I said yelled out.
"Hey you over there! Who are you?"
I received no response.
"Excus-" I stopped.
The figure began to move towards me. It moved rather quickly.

     All of a sudden when it got closer, it ran up to me and jumped. I moved out the way and when I turned to look at, I couldn't believe it!
"Oh shit" I said.
I got up from the floor and started to run away from it. As I moved towards the hill ahead of me, I noticed something red. I turned to run towards a different direction. I ran around the hill and right there was another figure. I turned around and out of nowhere dropped this huge spider! It had glowing red eyes and it was very large, about half my height.
"Ahhhh fuck!" I screamed. I ran up the hill and another spider appeared. There was only one way I could run, and that was, back to where I started from. The spider under me leaped at me and I took the chance to run under it and head towards the peninsula. I ran as fast as I could, I was out of breath and panting very hard.

     I got hit from the side by the first figure I saw. I looked at it and got a good view. I couldn't believe it, the figure wasn't human, not even alive. It's skin was green and falling off, the putrid smell was lingering around. Its eyes were absent from where they should be. At that moment it hit me, it was a zombie!

     I got up quickly and ran towards my tree. With nowhere to run or hide, I was out of options. I bent over to catch my breath. I couldn't even grasp what was happening.
"This can't be happening" I said
I looked down and noticed something. Under the roots of the tree, I saw a hollowed out space. With nothing else that I could do, I decided to start digging with my hands. Although, I did look up quickly to notice that the zombie didn't know where I was. So continued on. I dug and dug with my bear hands. Eventually I dug deep enough that I could climb in and close the hole. I left a small opening so some air could flow in and that way I'll be able to see when the sun comes up.

     I sat down in my hole. I was surround by dirt and darkness. I looked at my hand but saw nothing, I knew they were hurt and bleeding, I could feel the pain and warmth. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I thought to myself.
"Is this reality or just a nightmare?"

"If its real, am I dead, or did just dug out my own grave?"


  1. yaaaaaay :D
    can't wait for tomorrows

  2. ahhhh minecraft. it comes back again and again

  3. I am addicted to minecraft (during work!)

  4. Yeah!Minecraft is amazing! :D

  5. wow, exciting! as i was reading this, a bug flew into my face and I freaked out! funny how a game of blocks can be so scarey...