Monday, July 25, 2011

Sacred Labyrinth Info

Ok so I posted up a link so Sacred Labyrinth Minecraft server. Now I am going to post more info.

Sacred Labyrinth (SL) is a Pure Survival PVP server. This means that you have to survive all by yourself with no help from anyone. You may ask for help and if a member decides to help you then lucky you, no one is forced to help you out. Luckily, our community is very friendly and helpful and member, especially our vets are glad to help out a new member. Our staff is very friendly and help and willing to help out players with grief rollbacks using our 1 of many game enhancing Bukkit plugins. We have two main worlds on our map plus the nether totaling 3 playable lands.

SL has a very active community with many players. Our forums on is the main place where our members congregate outside the server. Our many topics and conversations keep growing as different member contribute to the forums with different opinions and tips. We also have an official Ventrilo Server where players gather to chat in real time with headsets and mics and also where admins and moderators talk to coordinate events. In game, we have clans where group of players ally with each other and fight and raid against rival clans.

Players: SL has a large influx of players lately due to the successful advertisement of our Owner and main Admin Phaed. Before hand we had a good amount of players, averaging around 30 active players everyday plus more less active players that come and go. We also have ranks among players, this is to determine the veterancy of players in the server.

Guest- This is the lowest rank. You are an automatic guest once you login

Members- This is the main rank. You can become a member once you post an introduction post on the SL forums. After that, a moderator must memberize you. It usually take less than 10 mins to get a membership.

Veterans- You are a veteran, everyone knows you, you know everything about SL. To get this rank, the admins must choose you and this is accomplished by getting to know them or the moderating staff so they can nominate you to the admins.

Moderator-You are a trusted member of the server. Moderators help keep the server flowing smoothly. The warn and ban unruly players. This is also a test phase and Moderators do not have many tools for the job.

Super Moderator- An Smod is the main Moderator rank. To be one means that you passed your trail phase and the admins trust you with the tools you need to fully moderate.

Uber Moderator- Success! You are truly trusted and admins believe you have proven yourself in judgement and ability as a Moderator. You have server breaking capabilities and are trusted with them to help the server.

Administrator- Achievement Get! You administrate the server. What else to say?


  1. So do you admin the server or something? haha, not really into minecraft, more of a starcraft guy. :) your blog is pretty sweet, +1 follow

  2. Minecraft is an awesome game and so addicting. Nice Blog you've got.

  3. i hope i find the time to jump in at some point, but its difficult during the summer. +followed

  4. Nice system you've got set up. Love Minecrat.
    +1 Follow.

  5. My brother says pure survival servers are awesome. I'll have to try one sometime...

  6. One question, are you doing a map reset for the adventure pack? or for the final release?

  7. Pretty cool, might log on and check it out when I get home tonight.

  8. never tried minecraft
    maybe its time!

  9. I like this idea of being alone but able to make an effort to get help. Just like real survival.

  10. I love Minecraft, it's so addictive :)
    And your server sounds pretty cool.